Note1: BICYCLE – remember to book your bicycles at the campsites to move between accomodations & fields … and have a look to the ‘Tournament & Rules’ page in this site.

Note2: PLASTIC FREE – please take your DISHES with you (plate & cutlery) so to avoid plastic use (for the lunches) and, in the same idea, please also bring your flask o water-bottle as we’ll provide several water points for you to refill  and no more plastic botttles.

Thursday 16/09/2021

  • > Teams and player’s arrival
  • > Welcome Evening: to be defined

Friday 17/09/2021 > @ CRYSTAL beach

  • > Captain’s meeting
  • > Matches all day > refill your own flask at the water points
  • > Lunch and drinks on the beach > take your own plate and cutlery with you from home
  • > ‘SUNSET SPRITZ aperitif’  @ the CHIRINGUITO at the end of the games
  • > Free evening …

Saturday 18/09/2021 > @ CRYSTAL beach

  • > Matches all day > refill your own flask at the water points
  • > Lunch and drinks on the beach > take your own plate and cutlery with you from home
  • > possible DINNER @ the CRYSTAL beach
  • > YOKEL AND PIONEER party on the CRYSTAL beach

Sunday 19/09/2021 > @ CRYSTAL beach

  • > Ranking matches (according to schedule) > refill your own flask at the water points
  • > Lunch and drinks on the beach > use your own plate and cutlery
  • > Finals  according to schedule
  • > Award Ceremony around 05:00pm

COVID_19 RULES @ BURLA ’21 … to be confirmed
At BURLA 2020 some simple rules will have to be followed and respected
There is no way of completely eliminating the risk of fatal infection. This should always be in the forefront of your mind
Players who decide to compete at BURLA BEACH CUP must accept that they will be in relatively close contact with opponents, especially their marker. This is not avoidable.

  • > Outside the event area, you must follow and apply all National/Regional/Municipal restrictions, ordinances and regulations in force at the time of the event, always referring to any DPCM still operational
  • > Please inquire about any return quarantines, regulations may have changed in recent weeks
  • > In addition to compliance with the rules and regulations in force in public places, everyone will be required to fill in, sign and give back a self-certification document (to avoid gatherings, the doc will be sent by mail 3 or 4 days before your arrival; will be available on site too). This is mandatory: we’ve to track the attendance!
  • > Upon your arrival in the fields area, your temperature will be taken, with a thermo scanner, which must be less than or equal to 37.5 °; whoever has a temperature above this threshold will not be allowed to enter
  • > On all fields (please use it before playing) as well as in various other places you will find hand sanitizer gel. Disc must be cleaned BEFORE-DURING-AFTER the game
  • > We also ask you to pay particular attention to the use of protective devices, to use frequently the hand disinfectant gel and above all, avoid coming on fields in the presence of fever and other flu symptoms (cough, cold ..)
  • > Access to the secretariat, the event pack delivery or schedule TD gazebo area can only take place one at a time, keeping the social distance and with a mask worn that also covers the nose and owned by the athlete
  • > We ask you to bring the bare essentials to the beach to avoid leaving too many bags around the fields: if possible, arrive ready-to-play and shower at the camp
  • > The mask, that also covers the nose, should be worn as much as possible, especially in common areas
  • > As per protocol, the toilets must be sanitized by the athlete himself before and after use, with material made available by the organization (Crystal Beach). At least 10 minutes must pass from one use of the bathroom to the next and door must remain open during this time
  • > In case of need, direct access to the medical area must be guaranteed, always
  • > As per protocol, showers and changing rooms will not be provided at the fields area
  • > You must bring your own water bottles; you will find points where you can fill it
  • > You must bring your own cutlery and bowl for lunch. try to be self-sufficient: as individuals or perhaps as a team
  • > ALL payments must be regularized before arriving, in order to avoid the passage of cash
  • > Participants must respect that some people will prefer to avoid shaking-hands
  • > Final ‘SPIRIT CIRCLE’ can be done but with distance between players or in a different way (like to rows facing each other) . Avoid hugging
  • > NO STALL COUNT this year: because the COVID_19 situation, we’ll introduce an amendment to the playing rule by asking the player marking the thrower to stay at about 1mt and NOT to count in order to mitigate the risk, to eliminate the face to face situations (maybe out of breath). This does not mean that thrower can pass the disc when he wants … he still has his (virtual) 10’’ and a spirit warning can be given by the defender if the thrower hold the frisbee too long

In order to allow the regular performance of national and international sports competitions organized on the Italian territory with the participation of athletes, technicians and accompanying persons from countries for whom entry into Italy is prohibited or for which quarantine is envisaged, the latter, before entering Italy, must have carried out a nasopharyngeal swab to check the state of health, the outcome of which must be indicated in the declaration. This test must not be earlier than 48 hours from arrival in Italy and the interested parties, in order to be authorized to enter Italy, they must be in possession of the result that certifies the negativity and reports the personal data of the person subjected to the test for any checks . In the event of a negative result, the individual members of the delegation are authorized to take part in the international sports competition on Italian territory, in accordance with the specific protocol adopted by the sports organization organizing the event.

The awareness of the delicate situation and the responsibility of each of us will allow us to meet, play and have fun in complete safety.
Protect your health and that of your friends!